Bitcoin CloudMining

Mining requires the latest hardware, regular maintenance and the most expensive factor which is the energy. It is better to mine in a cloud than as individual in order to minimize the efforts and maximize the profit.

The easiest way to mine Bitcoins

Cloud mining The easiest way to mine Bitcoins

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Offer

Get started as low as 50 GH/s for 5 years contract.

Network difficult 253618246641

Bitcoin price $651.88

฿ 0.0015 per GH/s

Electricity & Maintenance fee currently is $0.085 per GH per month.

Mining Contract Features:

High profitable mining experience at reasonable low cost.

  • Weekly Payouts
  • Instant Bitcoin Cloud Mining
  • Reinvestment Options
  • Professional Customer Support
  • 5 years term
  • 24/7 operation
  • Custom made power efficient Mining Hardware
  • Attractive affiliate program